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Home Solutions

Solar power is now one of the cheapest sources of electricity in the world, having a system installed at your house can provide instant savings!

Solar panels create power during the day, once they have charged the batteries they begin to supplement the grid to reduce your electricity bill. When the grid breaks-down, an instant switch from grid to battery allows you to not worry about anything.

The law for net-metering has been passed by NEPRA, Please contact your local distribution company or check with us whether your local distribution company has started offering net-metering.

Commercial Solutions

We custom design Grid-Tie/ Hybrid solutions keeping in mind our clients’ requirements; whether they want to lower their average cost of electricity, carbon foot print or create a battery backup for uninterrupted electricity supply. We not only design and execute but also maintain the systems to ensure the plant runs optimally.

For companies that are willing to make the investment and save money in the long run, this is the best solution!